We are a small but fully stocked neighborhood hardware store, right in the middle of town!

Our third generation, family-owned hardware store remains a staple for all commercial businesses and home repair projects. As soon as you step inside our store, you’ll see how we’re different from other home improvement chain stores. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff continues to offer exceptional service that just can’t be found elsewhere!

Our team is passionate about answering questions for our customers, and providing reliable information on thousands of products and home repair issues. Instead of wandering around a big box store, hoping to happen upon someone with a clue, we have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to help you get your job done right the first time. We serve the avid DIY-er, the weekend warrior, and everyone with a “honey do” list, as well as the professional painter and contractor that rely on us to provide the products they need for their business. We serve our customers with a smile, six days a week, and hope to earn our place as YOUR go-to hardware store. Speak with our team of trained professionals who strive to understand your repair and restoration needs. Experience how Village Hardware remains the place for friendly and reliable service.

Village Hardware prides itself on being a quirky, slightly odd hardware store that evokes nostalgia and serves as a memorable experience for new generations. While the store doesn’t offer a big box experience, it embraces its unique charm. This approach sets Village Hardware apart from more conventional competitors, making it a memorable (for better or worse) and beloved local institution.
The bottom line is we are just different, and we like it that way. You don’t necessarily know it until you walk into our store. It could be whatever funky music happens to be playing, or the employee that’s currently being on the butt end of a joke, but something makes people keep coming back.

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